Thinking 'bout You Cuz I got A Crush On You
If I rush to follow along, I keep forgetting which one is me. We lose too many important things in life. After time passes, dust settles on the memories. As time passes, poison builds up in my body. I'm exactly half dead these days. I couldn’t see it with my eyes but I believed it. I remember that start and I emptied out all the things that made me rot. I need to hold onto the things I was losing. But the poison built up...


first official FEGGY MIN Hip-Hop Show in SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA!!!

All the Infos about the Line Up & Date & Time & Location & Tickets aaaand the Special Afterparty Performances will be out very soon !

Which Artists do you think are in the Line Up ?


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TAEYANG - 눈,코,입 (EYES, NOSE, LIPS) - D.meanor cover

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Yesss!!!! OMG Thank you!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! OMG! Thank you. You have just given me everything that I needed out of a Korean Hip Hop Tumblr. I can die happy now.

Awww~ You’re so kind! Though I’m terrible at updating (Final exams this week and next week) I’m so happy that you like it :D

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140605 Crush - Hug Me @ M!Countdown

2014. 06. 05.


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Today’s <Throwback Thursday> is “Crush”!
TBT (Crush) : Cutie, Crush On You~

140222 Crush - A Little Bit @ Speakshow 2nd Anniversary Concert